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Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen like no other with a cool and collected feel that invites you to explore the intricate details of custom LaCournue, Sub Zero and Wolf cabinetry. From an uninspired and color mismatched beginnings to a perfectly re-designed space that beckons you to experience what is reserved for a privileged few. View this beautiful transformation.

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Why Choose Us

Materials Expert

Practical experience, knowledge of raw materials and how to envision the transformation are all part of the process of maximizing visual impact and functionality.

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Stunning Execution

A kitchen is more than an assemblage of boxes. It is a collection of proportionately designed pieces of furniture with a variety of appliances, functions, surfaces and transitions.

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Entrusting Affirming Kitchen Clarity to envision, design and participate in your custom kitchen is a priviledge handled with respect and thankfulness.

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Contractor Alignment

Affirming Kitchen Clarity is closely aligned with manufacturers and contractors that share a common principle of proper stewardship of materials and accountability.

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What We Do

Kitchen Design

Imagine walking into the kitchen of your dreams. Designed to perfection. Built to last. And shaped to match expectation with reality. Then invision having a morning cup of coffee, bare feet on the cool floor in your very own custom kitchen.

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Bathroom Vanities and Closets

Mornings can be groggy or sleepless but walking into your custom built, fitted closet and bathroom vanity can do more than help lighten your mood. It can shape your day by exemplifying the beauty in exotic veneers and buff poly finishes.

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Entertainment Centers

What gathers more focus and attention than your homes entertainment center. By building rich cabinets molded to accentuate exquisite points of interest, we design the perfect room to relax, entertain or display prominate art to fuel the imagination.

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Let us take your imagination and build your dream space.

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